“Alli Pfaff is the teacher that any parent would love to teach piano to their child. She not only fosters creative spirit in her teaching, but she builds the confidence for the whole of the individual while providing excellent piano skill development. We are so happy!”
Tara Smith

“We feel so fortunate to have found Alli. The kids were 4 & 6 when they started and they were totally engaged. This can be attributed to Alli’s approach and positive attitude.”
Amy Stevenson

“Piano lessons are the highlight of my children’s weeks. Alli conducts a warm, patient and encouraging lesson plan. Honestly we feel fortunate for having Alli as our children’s instructor.”
Brian Goeckel

“Alli is amazing with kids! … always engaging them in new ways and keeping them focused (even with their short attention spans)”
Anne Cavanagh

“Taking piano lessons from Alli were a lot of fun. She taught me songs I wanted to learn as well as taught me the things I needed to know about playing the piano. I enjoyed every minute I spent with Alli taking lessons. She made learning how to play the piano easy. She is the best!”
Cierra Crowe

“I would highly recommend taking piano lessons from Alli as she made our daughters first experience learning the piano a very enjoyable experience. She learned a lot from Alli and grew to respect her as a teacher and became someone she could call a very good friend as well. Alli is a very patient teacher and a very kind person. She is a very knowledgeable piano teacher as well and encouraged our daughter to do her best. She is a great teacher.”
Jennifer Crowe

“As an adult learner, learning a new instrument was very challenging. If it weren’t for Alli, I undoubtedly would have given up. Alli was patient, positive, and inspiring. She used a variety of teaching methods and musical techniques to guide me. Furthermore, she designed flexible lessons that were unique to my particular learning style. As a former elementary school teacher and current educator at the post-secondary level, I have the ability to recognize good teaching. Alli is a great teacher, and her love of the arts is unmistakable.”
Michael Flemming

“Alli has a very positive attitude with her students and they connect with her because of that. They feel good about learning the piano.”

“Just a few lessons in and my son is loving the lessons. He counts the days until the next one and talks about Alli often.”