Meet The Teacher

Alli Pfaff, B.Ed, B.F.A.

Alli is a piano teacher with a strong commitment to fostering creativity through music. Located in Peterborough, Alli Pfaff has been teaching piano for a number of years. She believes that a musical education is an empowering experience which cultivates the creative development in all people. Some of Alli’s qualifications are listed below.

  • Artist Educator B.Ed Queens University, 2010
  • Honours Degree in Music B.F.A. York University, 2004
  • Expressive Arts Therapy Training The Create Institute, 2006-2008
  • Experienced Piano Teacher working primarily as a piano teacher for several years at various places including the Ontario Conservatory of Music, local music studios and in private practice.
  • Professional Musician Composed music for original dance theatre choreographies, recorded and composed the music for The Little Heart, released musical album Shivering Shoulders Wandering, performed in many activities including the Flash Orchestra, Peterborough’s Emergency, women’s benefit concert Whole Sounds, weddings, and more.

“I believe it is important to recognize myself as an artist while I am teaching and that the role as a teacher will be enhanced when combined with the role of an artist. It is encouragement, but more importantly it is a more fruitful and meaningful experience for both the student and the teacher.

I find there is a much deeper experience in teaching piano than just the gratification achieved when a skill is passed on to another person. The connection with students and the process of music making holds this deeper experience. I wish for all my students to be moved by music. That they too can ‘give in’ to the process of music making and performance and that I can be a guide to this experience is important.”

~Alli Pfaff